Sacred Ceremonies, Spiritual Counseling & Public Speaking, (Educational and Motivational).

“Personalized, meaningful rituals to honor all of your life’s transitions.”

Sacred Journey Healing is a spiritual service for people seeking conscious rituals or in need of spiritual direction. This sacred work involves a holistic approach which incorporates wherever a person may be on their life’s path. Sacred Journey Healing fosters the whole person, so they feel heard, respected, and supported in their life’s celebrations as well as challenges.

Bridging and embracing our differences… With Reverend Kyle Applegate 

My call to Ministry was a call to be of service in the world in a more formal, and conscious way. As an Interfaith/Inter-spiritual Minister, I see this work as sacred.
The two years I spent at One Spirit Inter-faith Seminary really prepared me on how to better be of service in a diverse and changing world. One Spirit was a comprehensive, spiritual program, where I delved into the beliefs, customs and traditions of many of the world religions with deep thought and much self-reflection.
This really solidified my core beliefs of integrity and equality with my fellow brothers and sisters.  I am honored to witness the opportunities that come with being a minister; as I continue to show up and be present for those in need.


I offer Ministerial services, Educational workshops on LGBTQ issues, Sexuality education, Couples intimacy coaching and more…


  • Marriage & Hand Fasting ceremonies (All couple ceremonies come with a pre-ceremony commitment exploration counseling session).
  • Public Speaking Diversity Awareness education (Specializing in LGBT issue awareness, gender & spirituality).
  • Intimacy Coaching for individuals & couples (Specializing in LGBT and alternate lifestyle relationship support).
  • Life affirming rituals for people dealing with illness or in Recovery from addiction.
  • Spiritual divorce (support & after care, energy clearing).
  • House cleansing & blessings, Chakra clearing rituals.
  • Baby blessings & Adult re-naming ceremonies, adoption celebrations.
  • Funerals & Memorial services.
  • Spiritual Counseling for individuals and couples.
  • Gender exploration and transitioning (support in all areas).


I look forward to working with you.