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To evoke and celebrate the divine in all of us




Traditional, Modern, Non-Denominational, Spiritual, Formal or Casual Ceremonies.

As an Inter-faith, Inter-spiritual Minister, I love to bring to light traditions and rituals that are meaningful to couples as well as their families or communities. I will work with you to create a unique ceremony that not only marks your special day, but sets a memorable foundation for you as a couple going forward and creating a new life together.

Pre-marital spiritual exploration is part of my services, which helps to solidify your commitment to each other. Simple, straight-forward questionnaires are a helpful tool I like to use, to open communication between you and your partner. You will go into your new life more confident and have something to refer back to as challenges might spring up.

While every wedding is unique, there are generally nine parts to a typical service, which can be mixed or modified depending on your needs or wishes… making the ordinary Extraordinary!


The Welcome

wedding-ministry.jpgThe Foundation of a marriage (setting the intent, theme, or mood…)
Honoring our Ancestors (remembering those who are not able to be with us)
A Song or Reading (the addition of personal stories or meaningful ritual elements you want to share)
The Blessing of the Couple and/or Consecration of the Rings (with wine or other ritual elements)
The Exchange of Vows
The Exchange of Rings
The Pronouncement & Kiss
The Benediction or Closing Blessing


I am happy to walk with you step by step, and work with any and all involved, (from family to other professionals), so everything comes together smoothly on your special day. So you can relax, be present, and enjoy each moment! * I have done traditional and non-traditional services and ceremonies, from simple and casual, to formal and traditional.




Joseph And James 2014, Brooklyn NY

“My husband James and I have known Kyle for years. As a matter of fact, Kyle was there the night I met James almost 7 years ago. When we told Kyle about our engagement, he let us know that he was empowered by the State of New York to conduct marriages. At that point, it was a no-brainer that Kyle would be the officiant that we wanted to marry us. James and I had some ideas of what we wanted to do, but we did not have the structure of how to do it. That’s where Kyle came in and showed us what we consider to be one of his many gifts, his gift of presence. Kyle was always there for us. He sat down with us and listened to our ideas and gave us focus. Kyle offered suggestions and helped us coordinate our ideas with some of his suggestions. He provided the structure for what we wanted to accomplish. Kyle was very attentive and always returned our calls and e-mails quickly. He was very professional and met with us several times to go over the ceremony from start to finish. Kyle made our special day that much more special because he made it so easy for us. We highly recommend Kyle to anyone who is getting married. Much love, Joseph and James”


Vanessa and Christopher – 2014 MOMA,NYC

“Our wedding had a tight schedule and a difficult plan, and Kyle not only rolled with the punches, but really helped make it the most special day ever. His work with us before the ceremony really opened our eyes, our hearts, and our minds.”







David and Biggs 2014-Brooklyn,NY

“My husband and I are so grateful, to Kyle for officiating on our special day. Kyle was extremely invested in making our wedding day extra special. He met with us after a long day at work, welcomed us into his home, and immediately made us realize we were in great hands. He spent over two hours with us, asking us about what we wanted our wedding day to look like. Not only that, but he was gracious, warm, attentive and humble. Within a few days, he developed an outline for our wedding ceremony that brought both my husband and me to tears. It captured everything we conveyed to him and more. He contacted us several times before the wedding to make sure we were comfortable with the ceremony. On the day of the wedding, he arrived several hours early to see the layout and make sure our wedding was extra special. The services he performed were so heartfelt that I cried throughout the ceremony, and everyone was so touched by what he said. My guests were raving about him. I cannot possibly speak more highly of Kyle. Besides being an amazing officiant, he is so easy to talk to, kind and sincere. I highly recommend Kyle to perform wedding services. You will not be disappointed.”



Robert Michael Erp, M.A. – Mike and Kyle – August 21, 2014 Kingston, NY

“Kyle Applegate planned a wonderful wedding for us. His education in Hindu ritual from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary helped us choose beautiful vows. And his small, detailed elements of the ceremony were extremely moving and beautiful. Furthermore, his input regarding music, dress, colors, and props was all right on and made for a really bright and uplifting experience. I recommend Kyle without hesitation to any couple looking to create a truly unique and memorable Wedding Ceremony.”



Gretchen & Katie 2015 Cloisters Castle, Md.

“Frankly, we just don’t know where to begin! You did so much to make our special day amazing and gave us such meaningful presents. Our wedding would not have been the same without you. We love you so much!.”






Buck & Rhea 2015 New Britain Museum of American Art, Conn.


“Thank you so much for performing our wedding. Kyle’s soulful officiating allowed us to celebrate our love before all our family and friends. We loved that you shared the magic with us.”








Suzann & Gary 2016 Cape Argo Coos Bay, Oregon.

“Our experience with Kyle was wonderful in the preparation stage he really helped us to focus on what we were doing and checked ahead  to confirm Oregon marriage laws since we had recently moved from CO, a common law state. Because he had traveled from NYC to our new home, Kyle was instrumental in helping to prepare both our home for the big party as well as the fantastic site we had chosen by the ocean. He helped us incorporate the theme – ‘Finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ for our ceremony that perfectly reflected where we are in the golden years of our lives.”



Renee & Suyin 2016 Marriott, NYC


“Thank you again for everything. We just saw the beautiful gift you left us.You made our day perfect!”









Leon & Yuan-Yuan 2016 Bryant Park, NYC

“Thank you for everything, on short notice!”










Carmelle & Leslie 2016 Ralph Bunche Park, NYC

“On Friday when you met us at the park for our ceremony, I was so happy. It really warmed my heart so much. I know we haven’t known each other a long time, but having you there really added to our happiness. You helped be a witness to our vows and our wedding; and helped bond us deeper in person. That meant so much to us. When I looked around, everyone was a special vision of friendship, love and family. Leslie and her cousin commented after we got home on what great energy you have. It really meant so much that you were there, this was such a whirlwind, I really didn’t know who was going to show up. So having you present meant a lot to both Leslie and myself. – Thank you for everything.”



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Feliks & Jubica 2016 Central Park, NYC
Richard & Louis August 2020 Fort Tryon Park NYC

Mischa & Riley July 2020 Long Island, N.Y.
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In the space of LOVE, giving and receiving have no distinction